Your first appointment will be approximately 45 minutes in length. You will begin by checking in with the front desk and filling out a packet of new patient forms (if you did not bring them with you).  Please provide your insurance card at this time if applicable.  You will then be taken into one of our treatment rooms.  You will be offered to have a set of checkup x-rays taken, if it has been more than a year since your last set of x-rays were taken.  The dentist will then proceed with your routine cleaning and check up.  Your x-rays will be read by your dentist, at your appointment.  Your dentist will also perform a gum evaluation and oral cancer screening.  You will leave your appointment with a sparkly clean smile and a future treatment plan if needed.

We work with many PPO insurance plans and are happy to assist you with any insurance questions that you may have.  We do not currently accept any HMO plans.  We also accept cash, check and credit cards.

We love to keep all smiles healthy and happy no matter what the age of the patient.  Your pediatrician will likely recommend that your child is seen by a dentist, starting at 1 year old.  We will check for abnormalities and proper growth at this time.  For most children, a complete exam and cleaning is done in our office at 3 years old.